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She is widely recognized as one of the most innovative and consequential performance poets of the last half century. A visionary, a medium, a storyteller possessed of extraordinary perlocutionary powers, capable of locating and seizing upon a listener’s every exposed nerve ending, Tracie Morris is a word magician who can make virtually every utterance into music and manifesto.

— Robin D.G. Kelley, professor of History and Black Studies at UCLA, author of several books, including Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination.

““Who dis?””

Y’all know her, or them.

We’ve been there done that.

What J. L. Austin try n think about

What Jacques Derrida try n think more about

Tracie Morris just got it down—listen up yo this is it.

Enof said, but ain’t it true, “natural” language don’t do neutral especially when it says it is.

Taste this TM signature cocktail of “Ebonic colloquialism” & rhapsodic perspicuity, n see how her spirited speech counteracts the Ivory colonialism of “RP” to a stunning effect, blerdy cool.

— Prof. Kyoo Lee, John Jay College & The Graduate Center, CUNY

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