As a CHAX member, you show your support for new poetry and the book arts. In return, we send you free CHAX books — and more.

Membership levels:

Starving Artist
Become a CHAX Starving Artist! Each year you'll receive one free book and one chapbook – one newly-published and a second book from our CHAX Classics series.

        $72 Annually

        $6 Monthly

Printers Circle

Join the CHAX Printers Circle, and we'll send you two CHAX books each year plus one chapbook, and information about our ongoing activities.

       $156 Annually

        $13 Monthly

Poets Circle

To honor your generosity, we will send you three books annually plus one chapbook. We'll also keep you up to date on our activities.

       $600 Annually

        $50 Monthly


Patrons receive four books from us each year, plus one chapbook. In addition, every year we'll send you a deluxe hand-printed CHAX  letterpress broadside. Patrons in the area or visiting may also schedule a personal tour of the CHAX studio, including a letterpress demonstration, for yourselves and friends. We'll also keep you updated on our activities.

     $1200 Annually

       $100 Monthly

All CHAX memberships are tax-deductible contributions. You may cancel your membership at any time. Thanks for joining CHAX.