Join us for Summer Arts wonders at UHV! Come to our air-conditioned UHV Center for the Arts studio in downtown Victoria and let your creative spirits fly, while also learning important techniques for creating new drawings and paintings! Whether you are a beginner who has never drawn a circle, or an accomplished painter, we have the class for you! Led by widely exhibited and honored UHV art professor Cynthia Miller, classes in Beginning Drawing, Advanced Drawing, Begining Painting, and Advanced Painting, will let your imaginations flourish while honing your technical skills as part of a creative community. It’s like a summer art camp for UHV students and adult community members. Line, color, value, shade, landscape, portrait, plein air, and much more! Join us for one or two or more of these summer 5-week classes filled with imagination & intensity!

For art students, design students, art education students, and all students. And for community members. Come & be inspired!

ARTS 1316-1 (18908) Drawing I, MTWTh 9:55am – 12:10pm June 1-July 1nLearn to see the way an artist sees, with exercises in line, shape, value, perspective, and portraits. Draw from observation in a fun & supportive working studio atmosphere.

ARTS 2316-1 (18909) Painting I, MTWTh 6:00pm – 8:15pm   June 1-July 1nExplore methods & materials in this introduction to water-based painting. Includes watercolors, Sumi-e, and acrylic painting on paper. Guided exercises & lively discussion.

ARTS 1317-1 (19017) Drawing II, MTWTh 9:55am – 12:10pm July 6-August 5nCreate investigative sketchbook, explore expressive directions, become a more skillful visual communicator & transcriber of visual information. Join our lively studio artists.

ARTS 2317-1 (19018) Painting II, MTWTh 6:00pm – 8:15pm   July 6-August 5nExpand on knowledge of acrylic painting materials & methods, identify issues of representation in 2 dimensions, explore a variety of materials on which to paint, and have fun with others in a supportive studio.

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