PUSHING WATER: The Scaffolds, by Charles Alexander







A chapbook of 16 pages that continues the long poem Pushing Water, which has appeared in previous volumes published by Junction Press, Cuneiform Press and Singing Horse Press, with another volume forthcoming from Cuneiform Press. The poem’s latest published section is part of the dusie kollektiv “dusie 9” project, honoring Marthe Reed. The chapbook is digitally printed, with rubber-stamped titling on covers of Samuel French blue paper.


From the notes at the end of the book: “Conversations with Marthe Reed were always searching, and useful, while also rich with laughter, smiles, and concern — for the planet, for the people, for everything. It was a pleasure and an honor to know her, and to participate in this Dusie project to attest to Marthe’s wonder and how she passes it on to others. In addition to the book’s dedication to Marthe, I also wish to dedicate it to my partner, Cynthia Miller, and to my daughters, Kate Alexander and Nora Alexander. If there are lights circulating in the waters, to me, Cynthia, Kate, and Nora are the luminaries.”

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