Not a Snake



Not a Snake, by Simon Carr & Leonard Schwartz

28 pages. Poetry. ISBN 978-1-946104-34-2.


Michael Palmer on NOT A SNAKE, by Simon Carr & Leonard Schwartz:

A true delight, this collaboration with Simon Carr, this engaging arche and telos that sets the mind awhirl while causing the spleen inevitably to ache…a bit. I will undoubtedly dream tonight of a snake swallowing its tale, and as we know, many things may come of that.


In this new collaboration between artist Simon Carr and poet Leonard Schwartz, risk, beauty, mortality and relation seek out some equation by way of the delirium that accompanies the presence of a certain creature. Following on their earlier book, Salamander: A Bestiary, also from Chax Press, Carr and Schwartz posit that all things are non-self-identical and that here, color is all. “It isn’t a snake,/Its soil and soul in a chthonian coil… That is no snake, it’s the sun coming out/From behind several barricades.” About Carr and Schwartz’s collaborations, Hyperallergic has written that “the two are syncopated in their respect for the otherness of our animal familiars.”



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