Limerence & Lux by Saba Syed Razvi







Chapbook by Saba Syed Razvi. Limited to 100 copies.


Cover image hand painted by Cynthia Miller. Books are hand sewn with red linen thread. Cover

printing is letterpress, with Gloucester Std Old Style and Garamond types.


Luscious, glimmering poems of life, desire, vision, and imagination.


Cacophony of Bells: the Origin of Disquiet

                         for Pessoa


Fernando, the self you see reflected
in the liquor in your glass is not
your self. He follows you, though,
commenting on the silences you resume.


Can you blame him if he emerges
sometimes, holding your hand while you
hold the pen? Lover of ink, he is
in love with your blood.


What he doesn’t see when he looks
back at you is like the sound of breaking
glass, sliver of bells crackling
between your teeth.


He will consume you, Fernando: do not
look at him.


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