In Memoriam / in enquiry



In Memoriam / in enquiry, by David Weiss.

200 pages. Poetry. ISBN 978-1-946104-33-5.

Cover Image by Cynthia Miller.


For David Weiss — his In Memoriam explores inner lingual sensitivity with its kinetic protraction having contact with a spectrum of recollection that circuitously coils into life.

— Will Alexander


David Weiss’s deeply human and astonishing first book, In Memoriam, is a wondrous contradiction. Built on grief’s scaffold, his experiment struggles with language being both wholly inadequate and as a possible “means of freedom.”

— Maryrose Larkin


I confess that I am struggling, in the small space given to these comments, to express my sense of how absolutely and heartbreakingly profound this book is, and how visionary, how utterly unique, David Weiss is as a poet.

— Steven Salmoni


In Memoriam (hello Lord Tennyson, but so much else, too) may be my favorite “first book” since Barbara Guest’s The Location of Things, yet it seems so odd and inadequate, with either that model or this book, to call them “first book.” This is deeply thought, deeply felt, and entirely compelling writing. We are witness to a fine emergence.

Charles Alexander (publisher, Chax Press)

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