Implexures (Complete Edition) by Karen Mac Cormack




ISBN: 9780925904744

Poetry: 125 pages



“Karen Mac Cormack writes a play of voices and the voicing of places as they combine. The combination is one where what would otherwise be merely singular begins to overlap. Citation, statement and creation–a multiplicity of moments that are only present as a weave–work together to narrate. The reader is implicated from the start. However, there is no single place that calls. Voices continue to speak. Identities however–the names and voices–can only ever be glanced at. And yet, the writing suggests. Humor and a complex sense of pathos work together. The writing entices. As would be expected Karen Mac Cormack has written an important book. Its presence connects the pleasure that reading affords with the critical reflection that writing demands”–Andrew Benjamin.

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