Horse on Paper by Simon Carr and Leonard Schwartz


Brilliant, energetic drawings of horses, individually and in groups, running and still, in fields and corrals, pair with related poems. The artist is Simon Carr, the poet is Leonard Schwartz. The work is not emphasis, but intense collaboration. Finally, this work is about horses, time, body, mind, and the nature of being.


Horse on Paper, drawings by Simon Carr, poetry by Leonard Schwartz
ISBN 978-1-946104-53-3
Library of Congress Control Number: 2024932201
64 pages
published April 2024

I have seven pairs of eyes.Four pairs of my eyes are perpetually closed: three pairs
are always open.

With four pairs of my eyes I sleep. With the other three pairs
I’m awake.

With one pair of eyes I sometimes see a horse flickering,
a horse falling.

In fact with this pair of eyes I see only horses, herds of horses, horses
moving in one direction as if a script in a language I cannot read –
and also a horse flickering, a horse falling.

I do not know if this pair of eyes is a pair that is open and awake,
or a pair that is closed and sleeping.

Because I have four pairs of eyes that are sleeping and three pairs
of eyes that are awake, the probability is that I am seeing these horses in my sleep. But I can’t say so for certain.

With this pair of eyes I sometimes see draft horses, sometimes Arabian
horses, sometimes horses I am not sure how to name and that come,
possibly, from a time before horses were ever broken.