Collected Memoirs by MIchael Gottlieb


Brilliant memoirs of a life in poetry, a life in history, a life of learning. No holds barred, just what happened and is happening.


Collected Memoirs, by Michael Gottlieb
Prose Memoirs. ISBN 978-1-946104-49-6. 424 pages. $24.00

A life in, of, and for poetry: Michael Gottlieb generously lays bare the one he has led, putting in plain terms the measures by which the discipline asserts itself as a constitutive force… Gottlieb gives us an immensely valuable document in the annals of Language writing and contemporary literary autobiography.        — Kasey Silem Mohammed

A bright young poet arrives penniless in a resplendently decaying New York where he finds a group of like-minded writers. They join ranks and set out to challenge the establishment. Gottlieb makes this old story new with crisp prose and thoughtful personal details.        — Jennifer Moxley

Michael Gottlieb saw it all, did it all & appears to have taken notes.        — Ron Silliman

Collected Memoirs is the third in Chax Press’s uniform edition of Michael Gottlieb’s works, joining the Selected Poems (2021) and Collected Essays (2023).


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