& CALLING IT HOME by Lisa Cooper




ISBN: 9780925904171

Poetry: 99 pages


“& CALLING IT HOME seems to me a kind of complex & various daybook, written from the center of being, a constantly shifting brilliance that suffers itself with an exquisite sense of music & measure. How numinous the yearning nature of the self is, how wise & helpless & brave. This is a deeply felt & painfully accurate journey; I read it at one sitting & was transformed by it”–Jon Anderson.

Cooper begins by invoking Jack Spicer and Gertrude Stein before making her way into the nerve-center of language: “These walls/ Alone are my peers, calling instead of/ Old or rough fixes, old keyholes,/ Old emotion. An absolute void, dreaming/ Like a fresh thorn./ There is not even a north or south.”

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