born 2 by Allison Cobb


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ISBN: 9780925904393

Poetry: 100 pages



“Allison Cobb’s BORN TWO brings monsters out of memory and an unexpected sweetness out of the firestorms of language. Hers is the mind of poetry, driven by history and lured by love, caught in the act of the need to know. Like a child after family secrets, Cobb turns up more truths than the ones she seems to be seeking. Childlike, too, are her characters, whose adventures carry them nearer and nearer the beautiful, erotic, and tragic world of knowledge.”—Susan Tichy


“For this new century, a poetry of minus signs. Like many of her generation, Allison Cobb’s curious about the wheres, whens and whys of our predicament. Through compression, cubtraction, amputation and dispersal, she manages to scrape a hole across the ice on the windshield. BORN TWO peels away the myths of the American West to reveal the twitchy nerve beneath.”—Kevin Killian


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