AND OR THE, by Serge Gavronsky



Poetry / Visual Art / Literature

ISBN 978-1-946104-35-9


Extraordinarily rich pages of Serge Gavronsky poem/text, and Constance Lane’s art/images, work together. The manuscript of this work has been photographed and is here presented as the book, one you want in your collection of contemporary poetry and contemporary artist’s books. Chax has always sought to expand our notion of both poetry & book, and here, we simply had to leave the work alone and give it to you.  A wide book, 8.5 inches, by 5.5 inches high, you will find new things on every page the more you look. Gavronsky works with the elements of language, weaving them into texts about language and life, and Lane illuminates the work to invite us to always see more, think more, experience more.


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