A New Kind of Country, by Kyle Schlesinger



ISBN: 978-1-946104-25-0

Poetry, Literature; 112 pages



Cover art by Jim Dine


Kyle Schlesinger’s poems and prose texts speak in a voice that gets beneath the skin of these times, pointing us in and beyond ourselves. “The words are in the body / The body is in the mind” he tells us. And “What’s on television” he asks, then admits “Just another hallucination.” Green light and pink lighting permeate this work. “You wouldn’t believe it / If I told you / That I was where / You thought you were / When we heard the news.” We need these words of Kyle’s to help us shoulder that news—fake and otherwise—aimed at us each day. The two-line poem, “Split,” is worth quoting in full: “We were / Now we’re.” And poems such as “It’s a Freak Out” deliver a sophisticated humor. A wholly original book.     — Margaret Randall

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