wardolly by Elizabeth Treadwell

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PubDate: 1/2008


Elizabeth Treadwell

ISBN: 9780925904805

Price: $16.00

Genre: Poetry

Pages: 85

“Elizabeth Treadwell's writing, in which human (usually female) figures appear amidst fantastically embroidered surfaces, demonstrates volubility, humor, and intelligence in spades.”—Joyelle McSweeney, Rain Taxi

“What is strange, then, is the way Treadwell's refusal, her backing off, functions to generate worlds whose ambiguities and erasures function, to my reading, as fully determined. I don't feel the labor of needing to fill in the gaps (perhaps because Treadwell's gaps are enormously hard to fill are, in a real sense, honest); I feel instead the way in which those gaps speak and explain their inability to be filled.”—Simon DeDeo


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