A BOOK OF CONCEALMENTS by Jerome Rothenberg
A BOOK OF CONCEALMENTS by Jerome Rothenberg

PubDate: 1/2004


Jerome Rothenberg

ISBN: 9780925904454

Price: $15.00

Genre: Poetry

Pages: 24

“A BOOK OF CONCEALMENTS is a followup to an earlier hundred-poem work, A BOOK OF WITNESS, with some notable changes in strategy and composition. In A BOOK OF WITNESS I was concentrating on the rescue of the first-person voice as our principal instrument of witness.By contrast the twenty-five poems in this first installment of A BOOK OF CONCEALMENTS suppress the witnessing “I” but draw from my accumulated works by collaging as italicized inserts small fragments of poems already written & published”-Jerome Rotherberg from Author's Not. Handstitched chapbook.

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