& CALLING IT HOME by Lisa Cooper
& CALLING IT HOME by Lisa Cooper

PubDate: 10/1998


Lisa Cooper

ISBN: 9780925904171

Price: $11.00

Genre: Poetry

Pages: 99

“& CALLING IT HOME seems to me a kind of complex & various daybook, written from the center of being, a constantly shifting brilliance that suffers itself with an exquisite sense of music & measure. How numinous the yearning nature of the self is, how wise & helpless & brave. This is a deeply felt & painfully accurate journey; I read it at one sitting & was transformed by it”–Jon Anderson. Cooper begins by invoking Jack Spicer and Gertrude Stein before making her way into the nerve-center of language: “These walls/ Alone are my peers, calling instead of/ Old or rough fixes, old keyholes,/ Old emotion. An absolute void, dreaming/ Like a fresh thorn./ There is not even a north or south.”

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Chromatic Defacement by Philip Foss
Chromatic Defacement by Philip Foss

PubDate: 1/1998


Phillip Foss

ISBN: 9780925904225

Price: $12.00

Genre: Poetry

Pages: 89

Phillip Foss’s CHROMATIC DEFACEMENT is a new fin de siecle theater of cruelty with the roles played by perfumes, echoes and elisions. Coquettish effluvia. Susan Howe meets Bataille and they have this child called Fetter of Nuance or, in fact, CHROMATIC DISPLACEMENT. I think I’m in love with it. – Rae Armantrout. There is the entrance of submission. The opening / is very low, or very shallow, as if its fabricator desired removal / of one’s head in entering, not concerning stature / but sensation and dialectics. (The Theater of Perfumes). Following the steps of Phillip Foss, one of Lully’s latter-day and more intrepid progeny surely, you will re-make desire. Re-make it and re-make it. Re-make it and make it last. At last. – John Taggart.

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