Chax Bundle of 13
Chax Bundle of 13

One of the new offerings from Chax, A Bundle of Books at Significant Savings to our Great Readers

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13 books at a special discount. The average price of these books is more than $17, but here you can have all 13 for just $100 (less than $8 per book) plus shipping. This is a limited time offer that will expire at the end of February 2018. Links below lead to the regular product pages for the books, with more information about the book. But you must return here to purchase this bundle at the discounted price.

Ted Pearson, An Intermittent Music

Kit Robinson, Leaves of Class

James Sherry, Entangled Bank

Ben Hollander, The Letters of Carla

Sarah Riggs, Waterwork

Will Alexander, Inside the Earthquake Palace

Michael Gottlieb, What We Do

Gil Ott, arrive on wave

Linh Dinh, ed.and trans., The Deluge

Gaspar Orozco, Autocinema

Leonard Schwartz & Simon Carr, Salamander

Alice Notley, Reason & Other Women

Susan Thackrey, Andalusia

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Eavesdrop, by Sarah Riggs
Eavesdrop, by Sarah Riggs

Eavesdrop. Poetry by Sarah Riggs. ISBN 978-11-946104-23-6. Poetry / Literature / Art

Listen to Sarah Riggs read from EAVESDROP, beginning March 21 at 7pm.

If in Sarah Riggs’ Pomme & Granite, language shimmers as register of pure light, Eavesdrop’s iridescence signs the stakes of dance. Each sequence, in deploying fresh ways to balance language  differences, brings the ear in touch with the whole of thinking bodies, bodies that are elements of the sky — yet knowing when to hit the soundboard of meaning, hard. The stakes are love and the existential tremour of our moment, culled in passim [and in passion] from speech on three continents and dreams and ancient history; or, yet, eavesdropped from ‘interior’ and ‘exterior’ gleanings swimming under a sky full of drones . . . This exquisite pas-de-trois — engaging, as text or subtext, English, French, Arabic, moves toward a stunning finale, hued in the stark black and white of certain cemeteries.    — Gail Scott

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Waterwork by Sarah Riggs
Waterwork by Sarah Riggs

“In five stunning sequences, Sarah Riggs has created a poetics of elastic migrations that imagines the world as clusters, skeins, and motions whose innate peril is miraculously saved in hte act of naming: ‘each name for a thing seems intent to curl from its shelled meaning.’ Places, histories, persons, myth and object, intimacy and incident, are precision shorelines of simultaneous apprehension and erasure. In this subtle and luminous first book, Sarah Riggs has engaged our most fundamental quandaries in a poetry that announces, in Stevens’ phrase, ‘a new knowledge of reality.'”—Ann Lauterbach

“[Riggs] turns her acute eye to contemporary culture as well as natural history and her ear to the subtle balances of rhythm and assonance. The result is a beautiful attention that illuminates nuance, making the everyday world more detailed and thus more grand.”—Cole Swensen
Sarah Riggs is the author of WATERWORK (Chax Press, 2007), Chain of Miniscule Decisions in the Form of a Feeling (Reality Street Editions, 2007), 60 TEXTOS (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2010), 36 Blackberries (Juge Editions), and . Her book of essays, Word Sightings: Poetry and Visual Media in Stevens, Bishop, and O’Hara was published by Routledge in 2002. She has translated or co-translated from the French the poets Isabelle Garron, Marie Borel, Etel Adnan, Ryoko Sekiguchi, and, most recently, Oscarine Bosquet. Several of Riggs’s books of poetry have appeared in French translations by Françoise Valéry and others, with the publishers Éditions de l’attente and Le Bleu du ciel. A member of the bilingual poetry collective Double Change and founder of the interart non-profit Tamaas, she divides her time between the U.S. coasts and Paris, where she is a professor at NYU-in-France.

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