Chax Bundle of 13
Chax Bundle of 13

One of the new offerings from Chax, A Bundle of Books at Significant Savings to our Great Readers

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13 books at a special discount. The average price of these books is more than $17, but here you can have all 13 for just $100 (less than $8 per book) plus shipping. This is a limited time offer that will expire at the end of February 2018. Links below lead to the regular product pages for the books, with more information about the book. But you must return here to purchase this bundle at the discounted price.

Ted Pearson, An Intermittent Music

Kit Robinson, Leaves of Class

James Sherry, Entangled Bank

Ben Hollander, The Letters of Carla

Sarah Riggs, Waterwork

Will Alexander, Inside the Earthquake Palace

Michael Gottlieb, What We Do

Gil Ott, arrive on wave

Linh Dinh, ed.and trans., The Deluge

Gaspar Orozco, Autocinema

Leonard Schwartz & Simon Carr, Salamander

Alice Notley, Reason & Other Women

Susan Thackrey, Andalusia

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What We Do: Essays for Poets, by Michael Gottlieb
What We Do: Essays for Poets, by Michael Gottlieb

Published 2016

ISBN: 9780986264078

$17.00 paperback
Poetry/Essays/Literature  122 pages

How do we live our lives as poets?

In these three critical essays, plus an afterword, Michael Gottlieb addresses issues faced by us all, even if we are not poets or artists. Michael Gottlieb is the author of nineteen books including most recently, I Had Every Intention, Dear All, and Memoir and Essay, the authoritative recounting of the early days of the Language school. He was one of the editors of Roof, the foundational 1970s and 80s poetry magazine. A number of his works have been adopted for the stage, including his definitive 9/11 poem, The Dust, hailed by Ron Silliman as one of the “five greatest Language poems.” The Dust was stages by fiona Templeton and company at the Poetry Project at St. Marks on the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

Learn what it is to be a poet, what it takes, in order to grasp and live in the art and the life. One essential need is listening. For Gottlieb, “I am still at least somewhat capable of taking the first step when it comes to doing what we do as poets, that is: listening.”


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