From Aristotle to Aime Cesaire, from Gertrude Stein to Leslie Scalapino, from Charles Olson to us, writers like to talk about writing, and we like to read and hear them talk about writing. They ask questions, like what are we doing here? why are we writing? who is it for? how does it relate to the world? is it an art? is it a science? does it matter? why does it matter? and more. Please join us in an online class filled with lively discussion about the art of writing creative works.

ENGL 6350-1 (Genre Studies), Course No. 18990, is Your Poetics class. It will satisfy the credit (at the University of Houston Victoria) for such a class which will be required as of Fall 2015 for Creative Writing MFA students, and which eventually will have a class number all its own. It also provides a terrific elective for Publishing, Humanities, and Interdiscipllinary Studies students. Get in here, on the ground floor, and fly up, and up, and up. Read a lot of work with a lot of important words to say about writing, and say what you have to say as well, in a context of mutual respect and mindful attitude about this amazing art we practice.

Join me for 10 weeks this summer as I guide this online class at the University of Houston-Victoria.

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