Raw, Raw
Simone Forti

Jackdaw, are you sad?
          Cracker, cracker
          Hide in sky
          Lots of shouting
          A hard winter
          All went bad

Jackdaw, I am sad.
          You are sad
          Not me
          My sweetie
          We yell

I dance.
          We fly. Sticks. See them all we池e shouting. Berries a hard winter.
          Mites and beaks tiny sounds calling calling. Water branches and
          bugs. I follow her we yell this top branch. Hey you! This perch is
          mine mine! Oh, hey, OK, OK I fly I知 not big a bad winter all bad I知

What痴 dead? What do you mean?
          Who knows! Dead! Dead!
What痴 dead?
          Bad winter. Little beaks. Little sounds. Bugs and mites and fleas.
          Muck and stink. Dead. Dead.

I hear Jackdaws mate for life.
          We yell now
Yes, yell! Yell! When I get a chance I値l yell too! I値l yell!
          Yes, yell!
Out of my body! Out of my body! I知 yelling. Flying. Flying and yelling yelling!
          Hey! What you up here? You walk walk.
Yes, I知 back at the desk. Pen in hand.
Strange. I better stop this. At least for now.
          Hmmmmm bugs