Pushing Water 23
        for Jackson Mac Low

Charles Alexander

lamp light
bulb light
sun light                   through window
airport light
airplane lights           through window
flashing lights           through window
where light                through
when light                 after
why light                   this
after light
designation of light
remembrance of light
creation of light
the movement of light through a prism
the half eternity
move occurs Voices each make eye ninety-three the
other form
light inwardness glass hole transformed
twinned hemispheres retina One unlinks glass head
periphery reversing in snails moment
yellow highway lights all in a row
neon lights seen from an airplane
in one order the lights in another order the lights
the movement of light through a prism
the hinged Euridice
metanoia of void eardrum may early nothing their
own first
lyre its glass held through
the happen Reality once under glass holocaust
proportion ringed in swirled merely
light of the eaten moon
protected in lines escaped
from the church steeple apex
where geometric light imagined
tissue-thin monotone
light undisturbed
by colors
the movement of light through a prism
the heave expands
moves of voions espesse Matrix energy number to
of fathomed
live in got him the
throat him rid of us
grassblade he
preaching rustling in sun mountain
while in lemon light
I am my self
a complex of light
the movement of light through a prism
the hearing explained
magnified obliquely visible existence man equilateral not that
One falls
lake in green half through
turtle Head reply O upon grave him
perpetual rose it shall morning
light through red maple leaf
plucked from tree just
before ready to fall
fallen light
dry light
halcyon light
among of goes green light
the movement of light through a prism
to transform ear
mind of voice ends morning every noise through
on foot
let it grass heart trust
the hail root O unto ground how
place rock in sown mad
blackboard on porch of old house on pickard avenue
                CRAZY WISDOM
                FORGET THE QUESTION
                FORGET THE ANSWER
shimmer path Hero paradise light of the street with leaves air floating dance among above
and below the arch of late fall trees time extending self in sublime act embrace
(norman, oklahoma, december 12 2004)
head warming light in still air ten minutes later same street other world
the movement of light through a prism
throughout hand ever
moved out void eye mower eyes nature that
of fleshlyness
lit intensest glass Her The
To how ray out Unconscious gleaming his
prepared return is sheathed Millenium
grayish American light in a room of books at forty-two north moore street
leads to clear low light in a room of beautiful banging music
before bright light of thirty western bran flake days
and blue jaundice healing future giving light
and microlens light through light seen from the observatory on dimitris mountain
its all part of the same light
its all part of the same light
the movement of light through a prism
turns hills each
Murmurer overspills very earths Man equilateral No the
of fractured
lost is Gold hive taps
to head resonant of un grottoes here
Pool return its symmetry mirage
its all part of the same light
its all part of the same light
light over vicissitude electrons
toes open
far under crazy kisses
marine yearnings
gitanjali iridescent red light
bloomsday light
french sonnet light
missing the light
beyond the light
Poem written after Jackson Mac Low's death on Dec. 8, 2004.Begun in Tucson (Arizona), continued in transit from Tucson to Norman (Oklahoma), in Norman, and finished in Tucson. Most of the poem is new and written without particular constraints, some of it makes use of acrostic structure, and embedded in it are seven sections from my first published book, Third Light Poem, published in an artists book edition of around 50 by Beth Grabowski’s Copper Ogham Press of Madison, Wisconsin in 1982 and never published elsewhere. That poem employed in its composition a deterministic method inspired by Jackson Mac Low, and the source text, ARK: The Foundations, by Ronald Johnson. I first met Jackson in 1982.