Austin Publicover


Auditioning Granite

also snow
detail quick spices

At ruined grotto
with feet in air
regain tangential
turning point

In every way
laughing indefinitely

Where this goes,
storm compass

hazard a guess.
sire more x-rays.

Cluster fire rebuilt
eventually apologizes
with predictions

Thought, by process
dissipate, unwills




Wish anger could slice the muzzy.

Unwinding spools
took fill pulse desperate fill.
You and I recombinant
procrastinate torrential scar.
And when the experimenters
gall/we ailing/
hermetic dustbin remedy.

Very often no short cut
to the rainy season.
Genre Confronts ocean.
I return bawling.

Do you dare? Smoothness
moistens affirmative/whiplash.
Obligate tussle to ruin it's
where what's locked must speak.
Nixed fooling/litany.
Entering your dream
I forgot to wipe my feet.



Imprecise Parable

The empire is a surly practice. We trade erosion underwater
on the continental shelf.

Erosion retreats as tide strikes bargain along the continental
shelf. She imagines the moon then.

The outcome was an inscription plaster-cast and sold as memorabilia.
Soon the empire, in fact, its own outcome. Just then, she imagines the moon.

Unsafe and in a flood plain, we practice toppling empires. We trade the continental shelf for water, for under, and dispute the outcome. Imagine the moon.

That's a good deal, a conservationist's dream. History is shelved on the continental shelf, next to books on fighting erosion. The tide feels surly. She imagines the moon then and reattaches his prosthetic limb. Balance in the mold taken; an inscription of the continental shelf.

Just then she reattaches his prosthetic limb, plaster-cast as bargain to artifact, and tin, and hand-painted replications of trademarks. Soon the empire, a bargain, the tide around the clock. Imagine the moon.

Just then, she imagines the moon. Erosion advances as migration for chasms maps. Sold to truth for a pittance, the plaster cast fits to limb. She reattaches the prosthetic limb.

The empire unsafe, flood plain eroding striking flood plain conserving a bargain. Soon the deal is closed, we traded she in for he and the limb, him to history, the continental shelf.

All along the continental shelf a book says tide and true. Just then she imagines the moon.
We rehabilitate the continental shelf and soon balance the practice of empire.
She reattaches his surly outcome. We plaster-cast the proxy vote.

Upstanding she bargains the hand-painted, trade-marked empire. The clock ticks set upon the continental shelf. Imagine the moon.

Flood plain soon conserves the plain open, new deal disputes the flood.
Artifacts of truth sold as memorabilia, the tide around the clock.
She reattaches the limb, a bargain-bin prosthetic.
We strike a cast of underwater and get a continental shelf. Every so often, a book sold history. All along the bargain, empires topple moons. For a pittance, she imagines the truth.