Dlyn Fairfax Parra


My eyes seep twilight.

Going south that grey fringe oil
smell overwhelms transitional
wounded beyond
repair. Nobody notices orange
safety vests

shuffling slowly

sideways. And then came the liquor.
Ripped off valuable nickname, dug the grave.

Rattlesnake obligations killed a man under that greasewood.
Brown and rough skinned as a tree branch he died.
Honor and cigarettes, minor demons.
I stashed his grocery cart.

Sweat trembles pools
of red at my feet. Sometimes
I want my future back.

Medication for the pain, in the arroyo sleeping.
Fences tangle clean shaven phantoms
into rains that don't come

til midsummer.

I get a washing I get
washed out.



A symbolic history of the world in alphabetical order

ablution                                      See
Babel see Tower,
whatever historical interpretations
Daruma (Bodhidharma)
In Japan he is
symbolically contrasted
with fat; scraps of animal fat
were used, garlic.

Central European prescribes
a bunch. Hanging Man, the: having
as its ancestor the HERMIT
and its Iris.
In Greek Mythology Iris
was messenger of the joints.
Among the Bambara the symbolism
of the joints is related.

King's daughter, the ( see also WATER ) is
a recurrent theme in nearly all tradition---language
Written and spoken language infused with
mandrake is a fertility symbol, foretells the future
acquires wealth and a niche---universal architectural symbol
which very plainly conjures up a "CAVERN with an onager---
often loosely and inaccurately termed the wild ass, the wild man,
peacock---although we readily make the peacock, a bird sacred
to Zeus" (Jupiter's) see under PEN, quill,
an image of vanity.


The "rest" which God took after the work of Creation
was unrelated to a condition of stasis or satire.
The Ancient Egyptians used satire to mock the behavior of those
who followed different trades and professions from those ten;
the number of the Pythagorean TETRAKTYS, the sum
of the first four digits ( 1+2+3+4), possessing a sense of urn
(see also JAR;POT;VASE).
The funerary urn, round or square; void (see also EMPTINESS)
enclosed the dead person's ashes whereas the sarcophagus
held the unburned body.

To create a void within oneself in the symbolic sense
given to the term by mystics and poets, is to free oneself
from whales, "Jaws of Darkness", the FISH.
In India Vishnu's fish-avatar (incarnation) guided X.
The Roman custom of making the vanquished pass under
the yoke is self-explanatory. However, ZODIAC (see also
DECANATE) is simultaneously a symbol in its own right
and a collection of individual symbols of which
the significance varies with the changes.