Dan Featherston


Threat Conditions

Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red: Threat Conditions,
One day I will tell your latent fear:
Green, low risk of refined exercises
Preplanned around protective measures,

Vulnerabilities; Blue of guarded condition,
Checking, reviewing, updating;
Yellow elevated, increasing surveillance
In assessing further refinement;

Orange, high risk, coordination of armed forces;
Preparing to work at an alternate site
Or with a dispersed world force;

Red, severe Risk of emergency response,
Closing facilities; constraining;
-Redirecting personnel to critical needs!

- after Rimbaud's "Voyelles" & Homeland Security Advisory System


CIA Lexicon

Imam, which way is don't move east?
Which way is open road west?

Imam, we are hand grenade brothers.
We are socks, hat, coat.
We are machine pants.
Where I put down gun, Imam,
we are stand up brothers.

Which way is water? Where is bread?
Where we are, brothers,
I am here, which is where I am.

Don't move ammunition overcoat.
Don't move hand knife stand up.
Don't move water bread sit down.

Brothers, don't move.
We are where we are.

Imam, we are bread.
We are pistol sit down
stand up hand grenade.
We are bicycle overcoat.
We are, Imam, east west open road brothers.
Are we?

- after 41-word English-Arabic lexicon issued to US soldiers in the field.