Charles Alexander

from Orange Blue White Red
Near or Random Acts, part two

(the poem was originally composed by hand, in an orange notebook, a blue notebook, on white cards, and in a red notebook)

(the next twenty sections are from the orange notebook)

words are wars among letters
while syllables make peace with
falls and rise and false
hopes fear bread with honey
wild foes are who we
eat with in white houses
surround and conquer the scream


(the first thing in the orange notebook, several pages before this, was a notation following a dream; the first phrase written was "sonic graph of a word")


seven if tales are told
four until twenty does ten
or song my love listens
in the dark shelter us
where we walk and sleep
until nothing ends it never
even asks itself the question


letters stand four inches high
and spread around an arc
to leave a middle space
uncrowded unentered untested untended unloaded
when ammunition spins a tale
we hover above on trapeze
until the ash releases us

(in the dream noted above my contribution to a collection of representations of statements of poetics, poetry, & related concerns, all interpreted graphically in some way, was an invented word in a sound poem - e o a g h - and a drawn, sonic graph of that word)

you can't always need what
all there is get can't
if without living is you
change old enough name when
somebody need to love all
fair is to let be
just a shout just away


(the point of the dream seemed to be the realization of the love of people with whom we are involved, and of the world we make through our acts large & small, a world beyond what we can possibly know)


personal house believes with pillows
on the edge of chairs (changed by hand from "a chair" to "chairs")
when you sit down you
stay and don't talk but
live in a corner dust
settles around you then why
not drive away the night (changed by hand from "sunlight" to "night")