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Jack Kimball can dance
…is a seasoned barb

Review by Christina Strong

I have started and finished this review many times. my last attempt at finishing this review resulted in a random search on my hard drive and I came up with a file called “A Very Unique & Sincere Posting.” This is not that review. This is a review about prepared lesson plans describing the usage of prefixes such as “post-“ and hopefully a lesson on dead metaphors (e.g., words dance along the page? Ouch!) and the death of sincerity. Or no, this is not that review either. It’s a review about being not very unique, or sincere, or anything, other than engaged and enraged with a text such as jack kimball’s book “Post-TwYla” published in 2006 from Blue Lion Books.

Jack Kimball’s sly (and not so sly) postings on his blog and his recent works of poetry have been a challenge, a challenge in the sense of wit, astute observation, banality, and sheer verbal strip tease in the Jacque-ian sense of the word.(1) Often, his poetry is crafted into a: is he talking about me? kind of quality which is narcissistic and yet cleverly astute.(2)

Jack Kimball dances with your insecurities:

        Pg 40

        The //
        one whose work is described as ear //


        his letters
        to the editor referring to 'the sorry state
        of publishing,'



        Don't waste energy on haters. The
        Of minimalism in networking, as in
        There is no time for fascination.

Post-TwYla is post. Post tween. Post sincerity. Post-insecuritY. Post-offset printer. Post-offensive. Kimball is fun and a bastardization of fun. You, the reader, will not only take part in the fun, but you are the role of Julie on the late TV series, Love Boat. And you have been informed that the schedule has changed without your knowledge. The new member is called Chimp. Or Chip. Who is he? Your latest in infrastructure in-fighting:


        I've been an on-and-off member in this
        collective for several years... this is my
        first contribution... I found a link to an
        article about alien collaborators saying
        they now have trained a talking chimp
        and I was wondering if anyone's
        following the story, & what are your
        takes on it? Twyla?

Who is Chimp or Chip or Cad? Irony, in this manor, takes on artifice plural. The phrase immediate to mind is “jumping off” to connotations, reflections, mirrors, flippant statements, which are both paradoxical. But no lies. Jack’s work might note nonchalant offhand careless statements, but they are not to be forgotten. The “on-and-off member” is seeking. Is a tease.(3) Is instead: trick and trick-ster.(4) That’s aiff on cue to combined with:


        I'm rather famous, a powerful decider.

I chew as not a meditative being, but media vulture, and I think Kimball does the same. A barb, a slight is not the same than from one coming from his keyboard. A verbal battle.

Media. Indie media. Poets. poetry. In-fighting. It’s the stuff that epics make and drama and gossip ensues.


        Here's where we work.
        It's not fun it's work. That's why
        Our kind invented a mournful little roll
        of the eye.

When the phrase “bring it on” came into being in its current manifestation, it was done by a so called leader in a so called country on planet earth. It was done in the most hetero way possible, which is to say, an absolute mockery. it even mocks hetero arrangements. Girl meets boy, boy meets girl, girl just happens to be a failed librarian and boY just happens to be a failed owner of a failed baseball team.


        I'd actually vote for Lance if I lived in a

Homework. Referenced. Paris(5). Where’s your playlist? Let’s talk paper! Do you remember quebecor? This review is divided. But on the same coin. We all don’t get paid on the same day, the differentation bt Def Leppard and Shubert, with a dose of Rob Halford. This is not a review of a book in order to suck up to the poet like so many other book reviews are, nor it is a review with pollYanna statements such as “I liked this book because…” and nor it is a review showing off one’s recent master’s thesis critiquing modern poetry using outdated cultural theory lingo.


        Sometimes I go over to the monitor and
        see what I'm doing,
        And it's not what I intend. We know
        narrative is vulnerable,
        Nonlinear, looped and unstable. My
        heart is a snake farm.

No, not a snake farm, but a 300 page tome in current poetics and politics, a take on current poetic fields, political administrations, and multi-surfaced gibes.


        You can't be superior to anyone you
        erase, stupid.
        Don't like me? Ow, we're demagnetized
        lifting a big symbol of prosperity
        Off your chest. It feels. It feels it knows
        exactly what the it is.

The it is a challenge, and those that think they can sum it up, can’t.(6)


1 In the Jacque-ian sense of the word. Jaques is a queer/trans bar in Boston.

2 Because he is most likely talking about you, but I have no control over his actions.

3 What poets should do more of.

4 hyphen on purpose, to distinguish from a wiki page on the definition of the word: trickster.

5 The city and the icon. The way the city and the icon takes high leaps and risks. The icon takes higher risks, even dares to be displayed on google’s images page:

6 On dancing: those that can’t, shouldn’t.