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Three Poems

Jordan Stempleman


The movie will last and account for paleontological stretches
when bone hammered bone, and voice to sense filled all gaps.
In the car, an apple marked duration, gave sense to what went on
after it, a rift in an exact relationship. A brother, wise from arguing,
goes for and considers the rile under rump in my hands. There, used
in this house to drift and wonder how the mothered smells still
these hands, growing simply on its still film, but home.
Before this weight, first a ting, farmhouse, the cause that flexes
all turnings to relate back for the head, to sanction each cure
that the odd contenders marked each time they went out.
It was as if the rubber squash was once the accepted form. The first
of its kind, you could say, unusual only because it never interfered
in any biological means. There were things that slept and things
that made a career out of slowly yellowing, again needed after long
stretches, as positioning, as seen better through some shrubbery.


If somewhere there were a few moles
That only placed themselves above ground
To speak to the pretty vines and animate
Themselves in such a way to seem natural,
They would be remembered, handed time,
And kept by all things in need of discovery.


pines, transversely ridged
with might, yellow with
incised keel, woody scales,
which has changed
little till now, (pinus), furnished
with others, as scapula,
as cases, their resinous
would, their seed, frequent,
not unlike sirocco, and so
provided, abundant with ovum