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(three     for Dominic Williams)

Rob Stanton

Sense of beginning/splurting over the edges/bundled up. Tyre-tracks in the mud/leaves as game/the
   blanketed town. Bear up/get down/step off. Wash over/talk over/time. (Over/under/out.) There you
go: he hasn’t answered/beaten up/swirls before pine. A compost of opinion/digest/spitting out all the
   bones. Improvised to within an inch of its life/improved no end/inspired by what you’ve seen (not
what you know). Triptych/triad/trilogy/. Swept pulse/kept yr guard up/revolving round the house in
   sudden whirrs. Object A/Subject B/Nosebleed 9. Orion becoming Onion/seeds put down/the sunbed-
seaweed-surf. Discovery of nowt/celluloid/come back: all is forgiven. Airmail/cheap stunt/airmail. The
   first to come across the opening/shivering/the doctor took his own medicine and left. Beauty of tone
of secondary importance/gnashing teeth/unreal light – the ‘magic hour’ – all shadows long. Born on
   Locust Street/‘My time is all broken in little pieces’/father made bricks. Writing of cats and martyrs/

the quail, the plover, the son-sparrow, the goldfinch and the thrush/‘resident alien’. Gift of assimilation
   (to a most unusual degree)/angelic sense of ‘possession’/and therefore proceeded to lose it (hopeless
at science). Light/flicker/light. Array of details/don’t want to abuse it/pig sick. Thought-bomb/cloud-
   eruption/setting-sun. Sabbaths and holy days/precautions against both ionising radiation and laser
radiation/induction systems loop. Induction loop systems/set to stun/largest possible gap between.
   Pudding-face/wired/dog-type. Thesis/thesis/thesis. Dialectical bones/a good scrub up/next stop is last
stop. Shoot/shoot/shoot! Wranglin’ pathos from dirt/a set up/scored from the area. Our ars/aura/awful
   mess. He pieced together things/a touching belief in quantity/it is, at least, a novelty. Things are alien/
never mind the subtext/domestic monster. The foibles of the gods/half-serious misogyny/grotesque
   metamorphosis. Distant display of glyphs/pleasant noise/trash. Change as entropy?/conservation of

energy?/dawn chorus. ‘How can a whale think like a goat?’/grasping with what it cannot bear/gesture
   to the underworld. Deny it/blank holding place/hold still. The undergrowth of enjoyment/hot
son/alien but intimate. Red shirt/Welsh?/a family tree. World as drug/master-text/watermark, dung.
   Imagery of society/the pole of utopia/‘foreign’ literary production. ‘Good’ means ‘faithful’/this
rocks/school errs. ‘Our Billy’/hostage of opinion/spout of civilisation. Byron in Serbian/needlessly
   changing/one future of mentality. One new language/much, much open/condensed ‘social realism’.
Actors of modernism/utopia won the battle/with a big ‘P’. Poet-translators know this/translation as
   poetical science/a late transforming crisis: whoah! Internal finality/a model casts an imprint overall/
pressure and demands (and compromise). Formal as ‘false nature’/modernista/odious, hateful. Learning
   to displease ‘properly’/dying into change/a new creature. Continuum implied/victim and victim

not/dialogue shades out to crowd. Me and him/framework of madness (paradox?)/a separate dash.
   Quality of voice as body/acoustic boats/‘dramatise’ or ‘traumatise’? Psuedo-poem/litany of
maddenedwoman/le discours de la rivière. Quasi-physical gesture/huh?/ongoing on. Prose metre/mon-
   ot-on-y/shrill to hissing. Hands ‘thrust’ into pockets/what would they do if they were free?/an ideal
threat. Qualification/codification/the new noose. Rogue digit/robot arm/production line. Systematic
   translation/significant tree/drawn parallels. How to live in the present without words/water
monuments/nice day. Fetish language/new flamenco/upbeat, shorter. Language of authority/politeness/
   switches code. Nation-child/antidogs/particularly salient. Two guys asleep, heads lolling forward/
pregnant image/a new. Nothing not inbred/a going on/ongoing, sent. The marginal maximal loathing/
   round and round and round and round and round/and round. Subject/verb/object. Language is

aware of us/rushing downhill/safety instructions to be read. Shards of dream-world – as ads – graze
   the eyes/let jagged/joyful company of song. A courtyard of dogs/a double set of Prometheus, bound/
enormous hunger for zilch. Pronouns keep shifting, sifting/our missile defence/it sounds like bombard
   meant. Instant bullshit/eyes that close in refusal, leaving afterimages of colour and flash/raft makes
progress. Swallows/acquiring a new name, context/everyday aesthetics of the breach. Wonderful,
   wonderful, wonderful, nondescript/fascist, basically/‘true stories are good stories’. Forehead
classification/slang interface/all the rights of the fair. Labour pool (cheap)/el niño/specific geographic
   locale. A catalyst/nicht/stops. But other/complex/bilingual. Ears as doors/eyes as vacuum/fingers as
obstruction, hesitation, nerveless, oblique, breaking and being broken, chunky, stuttered. Brigands and
   shepherds/horizon as hole/even shorter short stories even. Road/seaweed/there are no perimeters. De-

fine dim epochs/cross the street/up lift, down time. Yellow hour/a terrible sleepiness/is it possible?
   Non-stop scrawl/water bottle/yellow dogs. Red dogs/lullaby/pyrotechnic flow (no metaphor). Cries as
nails/set at four/left turns to right. Coming from millennia/get the blues/tools for vernacular use. The
   point to die/first postmodern generation after (?)/stop stop stop stop stop. Good knowledges/archi-
tectural orchestration of skin of hand as a wonder/third and half (i.e. neat). So tired you might
   cry/do so/and so to speak. Deep strata/read a short poem by Celan (in prose)/come on then. Weak
sense/stamina ebbs, my friend, my egg/no go. . . . Protruding voice/no go/shut up. Ex-scientist hurts
   words/who listens to the static in museums?/an organic enthusiasm is always intrusive. Men swivel/
cry in this/distant, jaunty piano notes as counterpoise. Castle restoration/flute and singing/novel inter-
   ruption (superseding craft). Pious lions/pronged throng, thronging song/silly abet. Leopard and kid/

smug, charmless, speedy, frail/true compensation will arise. Arise/go down/go sleep. Running down
   sense/aloof, aloof – a lack, a laugh, alarm/joke demands joke demands. Jackdaw attitude to religion/
ethics one, metaphysics nil/does this go on now? Flags up/snow fall/a white zone, space. Central hair-
   grip/feelings get down (notes)/Werther, Goethe, d’oh. Idyll wild/pastoral baulk/step up, son. Prose
offers less resistance/recognition misery/sustaining contemporary. Art appetite unsated/englishing/
   found yrself in a selva oscura. As you do/eating papers, books, libraries/nothing is nearer. Com-
forting tone of smart American female voice: undercurrents of wit and easy intelligence/source of
   sources/o my new, new world. . . . False etymology machine/churn on churn/cleft to cliff. ‘I’ve had
my fun and that’s all that matters’/call mama/jump straight from platform to pedestal. I am an expert/I
   am a beast/I am a turnkey. Fact learned: mispronounced the Welsh for ‘wagtail’/his master’s void/her

coming attractions. State of current illness/flower complexion/wait for bus. Preparation of dream-
   casket-boat for inception of source-text on route to the after-world/pig-sick time-consumption/think
(you): the soldiers have the final say, the last laugh. Under the line version/Milton and/or Brecht/buy
   both. Matt inner/me loom, minnow/dim end so. ‘In this sea, shipwreck is sweet’/‘love that moves the
sun and other stars’/scraping yr soul off the tarmac. Take up thy bed and walk, dog/once more, with
   feeding/cannibals intrinsically funny. A little doggy presence/boom/a little doggy presence. Boom/a
little doggy presence/boom. A little doggy presence/boom/(sequence unspools, threads fray). It is not
   about bearable heat/thrown bullies/genuine excitement of any such outlet. Don’t be afraid of long
silences/we did not use a prop rat/the nightmare scene probably needs sound. The place of the mind,
   chaffing at the bit/‘they will not let you experiment in peace’/the closing day. ‘Her own words’/body

falling down into itself/sick at bus-stops. Royally botching the real/see with yr own skin/master
   mind. Cracks in the glass, perceptible to none/poor art/the mirror is no precious start to fact. Fresh
eloquence its own reward/a tapping tap tap/blood pours out. A blood-stained copy of Montale/buried in
   sand/everything looks great down on paper. A new page/typing speed/‘who are your contacts?’ ‘And
tells us of an herb’/‘great girl’/the sun, in praise of weapons, blares. A mother, a father, a daughter, a
   husband and three brothers/‘who would not like to hear more about these garments?’/is there a tingle?
The advert of the panoramic/land in America/‘there is something missing in this sentence.’ An old
   baby/dancing on a plank/stew-pot boiling over. Compliment/complement/‘I am the eye that sees
itself.’ Hunk/a/junk. All your favourite characters burst/sun runs down/something begins (or not).
   England as diminished chunk/positive site of glee/moments of coherence that are beyond us. ‘Round

yon virgin’/in the boot/in the box. Admissions will be reported/the echo reports/everything is still down
   deep in the valley. Honey equals sex/image equals dishonesty and malice aforethought/poet equals
public exhibition equals gambler plus player plus fool. The possibility of true personal freedom only
   really occurred to you as an adult, never as a child/hence the recurring enshrinement of ‘the child’ – of
the child’s ‘fresh’ perceptions – always strikes you as inaccurate and sentimental/freedom in the truest,
   existential sense: a lack of bars. ‘I do a lot’/‘I do a lot less’/‘hey!’ The planet waves again/systematic
pathetic fallacy erupts/two teeth ache. An iron boat/bureaucratic letter/peace. Fraud complex/a rattling
   in the suburbs/stay put. A lack of fresh air is what did it/a friendly poet photographed/yet another
biographical column: stay away. 3’s the magic/number of entries/nothing is left to hold it up. Chalk in
   ghost/fed last croissant to Anna/Duck Xmas. Surface area diminishes/the daylight funny/and angry.