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The Galvanized Steeles

Rich Murphy

I-beams make up flesh,
bone, and neurons of people
such as you and the generation of me.
The awkward faces and rigid backs
give away the pile-driving
activities of infancy.

Toddlers follow the blueprints
of parental architects.
Blah, blah, blah heated
at high temperatures can be
poured to form an ego

though strangers haunt the expanse
of inner space green
for fingerprints.

Rivets and welds
cuff the weaknesses
of desire and fear:
Joints joined with joists.

Cranes, genomic scaffolding tip and totter
while tribes of construction crews


stutter an utter, each introducing
alpha shells, beta shelves, iota salves.
Tugging cables in hope of a puppeteer,
the steel workers balance on a dot
or stand sandwiched between horizontal bars
to reassure that sheets
of subconscious are beneath.