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 5     SUBMIT

Into The The

Robin Reagler

That shrill octave faded
Like furious graffiti on concrete.
A wide wave of humidity
Cast a tidal eye
At sweetie.

This dump =
One lost + one found
Above-dungeon stumbling-down
Lick the back of the envelope flap
And stamp.

Jazz shoots across as if a nerve

Triggering the never-never

Feeling. I am more wasted and fevered and reading the headlines only,

and my brain, stacked high with amazement.

Like unruly musical chaos,

forever roarable.

Come on.

A rare syllable of praise

Gets caught underneath my fingernails. The


in for a
rivery burial
and the handkerchief

never forgets

what a woman has lost….

O. Cops are watching me

Getting thin.

Let them.

              Signed, the OUTLOZ