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 5     SUBMIT

from Quaternity

Sheila Murphy and Scott Glassman

What is pain if not perpetually localized? Its left boot status happens to be bled onto the
same page where we all purport to strive to be. Who bothers with neglect? According to
legend, the river sheds its riverbottom way of life in favor of the gray veiled pithy sun.

If a scrum manifold material manifests (man) deadwoods (low) sidereal hipflask and six-
shooter, abjuring its open heart operational hazard as if house poor peers in on lavatory
carrion birds torching (mothers) givers of fog from horizontal raptures contrails diving in.

Let’s all play the depths of strategy into constituent parts and leisure over rapture by the
side of the retired moon where frogleaps suture kismet vines and housemouse lavabo
clinches the abjured, in-arrears Sumatra flavor that trumps sheet rock flask and chill.

You are not behind the obligatory stride. Prep school resort course spatula reads
like a nature trail, Mare Imbrium, costumed canteen scaled down hindways as in
belated mountain dross, concurs pin with milkweb compresses lip-coin to a tear, a tee.

Bequeathing sanity to iconographic floss affords a view of better dresses as a form of
retort. Nature rails against indignity or likens stipples to a frayed waltz no one’s doing
anymore. No one’s in possession of a mare. Such steep trails mainly warrant lenses.

Beneath it—vanity—blows obvious ( ) into today, garages the rare convergence m & m
deposits a pretty orbiter trammels its concourse. Of undetermined faith, the I-Caesar
so-what-is-there-to-do-about-this deserves a mane. 20/20 exposes the lee of the gallop.

A proxy veto shows up after salad bath. Return of service lends itself to capitulation
when in daguerreotype and plaudits rain their smithereens of cope/no cope where on-
the-verge deliberation rests like the defense. Are you in mourning yet? Is there a glyph?

Do the 1800s in picayune strain? Would coup coup the bipod? Shepherd pointillist
carving station into furnace? Finesse the ceiling fixture and sow reproval? Canteen
soluble headroom and waive the pint of palliation? Naproxen the mob? Convert it?

Ipod trumps bipod trumps guy pad. The point of all this fessing up is that the waves are
grief. The waves loom deep. A pint leads to tinged quartz. Do you believe in rain? A fixity
be-trinketed by headlights grooming roaming wildness? Five or forty new young men?

Housing a playlist imputes the victory to a bushel. See script of corn-maze anagrams
structural post-social & gone postal counselors high holy day due to some serious I/O
errors, accessorized by Pacifica puns from where juniper flows viciously to Monday.

Why is he so feathery slant low to the wind’s impeccable accessories? Or how do holy
days preempt the succulent house? Socratic scree contorts a frappe one would have
thought was furious. Instead, for now, the brisk Pacific sleighs renorm workings-in-wood.

Scry the loggerhead, punted there out of bounds, not totally unassailable, dispirited
patient as midrash Adlerian passage bottom of the fifth Beatrice in pajama-footed
corner office sadistic memoir firmware begun with To: exceptionally a pistol will do.

Half tix opens ops for Coptic noir unless reduction stays a sauce and pickled greats are
booked in to the potter’s wheel in fidgets while the hounds presume to have been blond
against the granular mist-revelation of the B-foot joint at bottom a decree.

O fortuna is ecumenical Fabergé a vinegar of abridged lows and two performances
of glazed watervein Costco and rope-burn keel are you ready for some Amtrak back
to the factious crucible? Capital (el capitan) fatal theta prince skin depleted of vitamin.

Low-flying crux drives a glaze across beheld skin, possibly the onus of experience. On
some kind of an even Amtrak one precises forward toward finite depletion, only to await
October, when confines of dis-mesh are stalled, and leave away the white.

More twins, they cry, hint blazing out the imperial bay of metal folding chair libelous
crucifix lows like a beauty queen on her birthday refilled for free, 30th street high as vault
of mayday mayday stargate-1 renews ingot, a mooing gold-on-black latter day trough.

Quill mantra expo-s as if looming shields were doldrums and the color fall-guy stiffed
with philanthropy as if taller than god fearing guilt prompts. How does your garden
orchestrate the nutrients when rain free flowers their leaning toward white glow.

Smartly seen turning the absorbless stem of paper wall asbestos gears conflated
equally broken elm-snow of motel carpet inferior cusp collage your own vegan
string section dapper chino border perimeter of turkish poppies fallen to vice.

Decades of stains make pictographs about to be erased, once snubbed by shifting polity.
The fork seams roadways strung to gather laser parkway, at least so anyone might join
commiserati in their ringside brokenness popping with platelets yielding voice one prime.

Implication: theatric pap of burrow / beg / borrow. Retracing fubs the sly hilarity.
Grifter sues mork ‘n mind (rerun) vernacular phasor on stun though parking space is
literal, obliged to Pythagorean sandlot royalty sealed with policies and hair o’ the dog.

Speak just once to theory-free nit picklets of a neighing boor who rimshots selfish ploys
as if and only inference were vascular then phased-in cellular then hair-free clogged
impertinent young dog just right for theater but imprecise to guide through fog.

On demand, the horns aim low at the trust, the thrust of newt. Here is Delaunay
his catatonic wheel, connection now connected, joke’s tower shaved off punchline
alongside rectifiable purrs, ticks wedded to curtain of pronoun, possessive, and plural.

Rusted awol cardboard jack, the power to fleck upon dry surface (“land in hand”)
immerses in verse loudly roaringly and plurally as if only the husks of damage were as
soft as sudden fleas that occupy the condominia of the unenlightened disowned mines.

Encrusted for selling dialogue, chartreuse outlet, bandied cologne bruiser (new year’s)
warning lap. Hearse V8 autosexed to the pit pending classified action under mandibular
dimple. Latex wing excusa me patched through maximum occupancy in the lead car.

Rehearse is just the stapled start. The end is nigh-light and your occupancy remains a
ratio (solely). What if I’m in love with chiropractic? Does that mean the logo will be apt? I
sense your chicory young beverage has excused the papal vio-lect, or waited (un)seen.

No more Romeos gloat over gypsum lunch, conventional trails faking out the rib.
Numerator, roman à clef solstice on the Vax-D plateau. The go-away-Minos cries no
one plucks your fluoride craters, culinary prenups rinsed with methadone and OJ.

Om is sitting and not waiting. Sitting and not venting. Aching without aching. Om is
Gnostic. Om is rate hike without rate. Line dancing drops to still shot. Inasmuch as no
vocabulary rides the right here coast not coated clef-free staff and also staves.

Krishna is moth, stuck-up headlines rub the in-crowd nirvana. Tingling for its savior.
Hatchet light, a moth dialectically peeled, eviscerated by marketwatch burial lock stock
& hemline farce snuck under moth’s prey. Latchkey IRS square dancing bullfight capo.

Look at the not-look, see water be watched. See tutelage betrothed to string theocracy,
see lingua franca bore down into tuckpoints. Other than the other slight new airy feelers
why not vane the header toward a breath instead of wind so usual. Pressed into tone.

Jackpot: a causal weather of provincial roosts, habaňero the dictatorial flytrap hello kitty
scabbing preposition, hospital cornice, harvest. Wailing wall succor trims the nonplussed
index. Footer creeps along towpath the low pressure holiday, a blowing forth, a ballast.

Soprano seat time crimps the flow through of the walleye tempted merely once beyond
despair. The man with T imposed has tried to go away. One has afforded succor prior to
this new. Along the pathway, life force has given way. A holiday comes last. And then.

Piano is the ivory a cuckoo plays its extinction to, force of m.p.h. and trident strike.
Covalence doused in forest. Shampoo, a perpendicular descent. One had to look
the meaning of it up. Cats hate mirrors, the opposable self. November is late again.

Having heard mellifluous enormity delivered on the white keys, she sprinted as though
posing to include the flats and sharps. What short hair on the opposing cat. Feast of
Saint Cecilia and the loss of John. The Gaelic form of the maternal grandmother’s name.

Her charm, harried, rests in thoracic melody. The snowplow of dejected first place ribbon
at best, an uneventful blue on diving-board aerobic downside to inheritance. Nasal kiss
the rejected ankh of her arabesque at the hundred year watermark, a lip gloss famine.

Pressure to and from the lips arrests fine closure. Loss is benched by water. Every hiss
apparently evens the s/core, but yet a formal avarice neglects imaginative force. Gross
amperes threaten to revive the gloss of forth, although we know the hoards indemnify.

Accelerant beam a middle way endows, disembarks, flees its shore for third. Inquest.
Feathering blank, blinks, thinking entraps the choir at zero-hour talking point debacle.
One crisp run commandeers the ruthless tote bag reflected eye’s last trip to the altar.

What I want to know is, asked the wielder of the scimitar, do you date? The wavelengths
glyph their way through deerlights’ head, and flexible “rip” doormats stand in for the
balking points between two monocles. When you have finished stalking . . . . Allow me to

induce, incur a gem of touch, murmur, fend off, con your mistress (likes / dislikes /
crimes). Blue’s in bed too, a route fork-in-the-we’ll see whatever napkin acrobatics suit
embrace, dress up an axe, antler edge pussyfooting around blacklist, the wipe your

closing line prevaricative nomenclate that pinches frost (is that you, honey?)
connectedly alighting upon Anchor Wat with little recollection, brittle ledge, fruit-dotted
puncture, quasi-tincture after follicles go free post-brace, past surety, to bond with grace.

Scamper the deadline is blonde but dearly and beloved and sincerely yours wa-what is
marked as Sago absenteeism, chronicle of lichen IX, crumbs for marinade, herky-jerky
sparrow dips its beak into pigment catch-all, clay pigeon’s affable ascent on the lam.

Palms absorb the rum brunette, I guess, then scatter lay-by to the pull impulse or so raid
hastens and the silver yes ekes into wrinkles in the clear I hear of ratatouille sent home
to lamb bake in the London patch of eyes assembled to paper the impediments of these.

Yes scratches its Sunday rash of botulism rituals, collagen and perfectable Luddite
confirmation hearing into captain’s log. The acidic ruble of basic nightlife sounding all
clear in stairwell 5. Father curtailment, judged privately by act now or else savoir-faire.

Factotum fractures acid test. Revise. Forensic empathy contrives. Life drawing lacks
class, having parsed the mood swing moldy as in brackets are the privacies we hatch
like sylphs almighty, grafting winter into fatherhood, as if to have curtailed meant watch.

Sanitarium of grail. Action-packed. Stopper a ring- will you please - affect - a role. How
so if you map the squalor of its heyday, dyspeptic interview, the editorial trigonometry
snipes at passersby, corners Maat grimly advantaged as cousins consult chilling odds.

Aptitude can measure (reassure) view lagra as an editrix gives semblances their
laudate. Crimping speed traps offer antonyms to ring toss just as gender gradually
erodes, or do the disadvantaged come to map the torsion any fast time soon?

Citronella fastens to the ocular yardage, Fargo’s eh, ah, uh— why nap can’t procede
though it wishes, shirks the privet, white eases in. Wisk stuffs the warning, farming
prongs electrode motherhood, forty stews on hopped-up consciousness, epilogical.

Tripods collapse, right? Huff right off into the quick(sand) &&& farm team comes to heap
bright big halt. Irking admirers of the inking do a tap of wither. Why not come down to
work three jobs? Why not whiten tear drops to look pretty in the card trick dried collage.

If plungers scrap the race of syringe, put it to the screws, infamy & doe. If snow buckles
under bales, the indomitable canto somnambulo where you remembered skulking across
a platypus’ bill, upwardly vocal, filming at leisure the vatic dictionary of dashes: S-O-W

It was a third (of the) right sleep. Listen against the shore crossing this way to walk
where ash also. . . to vocalize is to impeach. The letter of raw fiction practices amid low
crews. Per omnia secula seculorum. And low-cal So Cals fallen RAM, even to go.

Pernicious interstate eschews 80s drama. Cable access exudes dating failure
from the tin fire I-am-not-a-crook / hula hoop teaching soldier on stowaway layaway?
broken plywood desde erratum. Na+ is an element at which the cardiogram sniffs.

Able bodied errata coin a fern to live above the ire. What morning reaches comes to
seem a way. A card game loops around state ploys until membranes soldier on. The
fundament includes these elements: safekeeping, fractions, correspondence courses . . .

Bridge over earache cups the refinery crackle unties yellowjacket’s bleary rig as it
ogles sunrise pulp apologizes for its pair of ews. First response no greater general
coating paranoia gruffly tows the antecedent. Democritical tract / byline freshens up.