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 5     SUBMIT

from Novaless

Nicholas Manning


« how is it * I am here ? . . . »
a beautiful practice
of still messages
in some simple occurrences :
hieroglyphs of ordinary writing
or the light lashing * their memories
with the run * of the years . . .
the twigs upon their faces
all mentally collected
a clear gaze
in calm conditions that neither
could pronounce . . . to this language
of exposure * cultivated under glasses
the gentler ones clung a pleasing
vividness * of pattern
and volunteered
corrections :
the world being
unbounded * and all signs


the still life
underlining that life *
was still : discerned not
in its own
wan emotions (a
fine-flaked desultoriness) but
the rain rather in large maps
and zodiacs
lining * the study’s walls :
the « possibility of
a subject »
this cloying phrase
blackening the cold gardens
the love hard hot : amber burning
outside * within her some old humour
that she « did not want * to die »
it was such a foolish thing !
these incidents this
across * the field * of visions :
the distance of the world its
latitudes and longings
in glowing lines
all of which
never and never
(by her mere weak eyes’
light) be traversed * assimilated
crossed intersected met
overlapped : or


in excited semitones
an unclear * tender solicitude
emerging roomy * almost dignified :
the central one being the dwelling
itself . . . neglecting him
in their lifetime
to make
for some magnificent
radiance . . . rainbow gauntlet
the oyster’s glycogen
that young ferrarese
the colour * of tiles . . . somewhat apart :
his swift eye-language an ensign
this distressing business
a passage
from the back-street : « and thus
he lived . . . » or in irresistible desire
to unburden the now threatened
meeting : his * impressible
mind * the cause
of the play