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Three Poems

Hillary Lyon


fruitful theories:

a granite monolith of recent history

freshly tumbled

malignant snicker

inside his head

dregs of doubt

nude figures driving cars

hybrid girls contracting inwards

blunt analog boys

gradually expanding pleasure

crawling along the baseboards

crimson ink spoiling the view

gloomy ruins breaking an ill-defined vacation

bladed rain smelling of lightning

the realization it really doesn't matter

Rodeo, Gutted

you graduated whiplashed

alternately hot and cold

over 4 days – but to what end?

4 dreams and 5 nightmares

out-wearing in-wearing

the lot of them

stashing morning in the trunk of the car

unknown to wife and secretary

swapping swill with the lawyer

contort your hush-face

lest you give away your position

lest you rust your skills

in the trained eye your angel wildly thirsty

dispersing simple long distance calls

punching out of trenches, roses

and a simple set of rules

Three-Dimensional Thriving Greenly

who's that in the yard

pretty flamingo legs

and glass-bead eyes sparking

like lightning down a kite's string burning

your fingers melting

your rings

there she poses pink and plastic

against the red wine

of an evening's aura

an awkward bird with intentions

an awkward bird with an audience

and she hums a minor key

that attaches itself to your interior

solidifying into something

three-dimensional thriving greenly

beneath the burn of mercury-vapor lights something

you can slip your hands into

gloves of light

tendrils of music

feathers of the flamingo

floating across your external nocturnal expanse