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Two Poems

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa


arms      soul

             standing in the way

             &i'd rather

      all the further
                                      in the wrong

                       around the corner

     can't approach the reality
                                          has no dogma

             new sanctions

becomes a form of gas

                      blink, but thin           the day's enemy


                            hovering there to

Ode #2

(be careful of cheap imitations)

(the excitement continues next Saturday)

(“mute and dubbed”)

(follow instructions on reverse side)

(found at the waste dump)

(the crumpled paper)

(. . . comes, or seems to come, from outside . . .)

(I didn’t have a sparkly . . .)

(apertif handshake)

(repeated noise)

(not dovetailed but opened)

(while battling the taliban)

(starry tear)

(palliative measures only)

(ceases on a silver . . . )