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from One day you finish to be a boy

Thomas Hummel

The poems here are from a two-part series which manipulates Part I of Gertrude Stein’s Stanzas in Meditation. With the first of the two series (Stands as Mediation), I began, using the rudimentary translation program that comes pre-installed as part of Mac OS X, by translating Stein out of and back into English, subsequently punctuating and lineating the results. The second series (One day you finish to be a boy) features erasures of the poems in Stands as Mediation. The manuscript from which the series are taken is a work that examines emotive and communicative dystrophy, articulation (narrative, interpersonal) as internal dysfunction. Here, at the point of collapse, it is erasure, the disintegration of established construction, that emerges as the only means through which to transmit intelligible emotion.

Has Remained

They Lipread

Wash on White