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Two Poems

Bruce Covey

Quatrains in G

That heavily varnished, shiny
Volunteer committee doesn't accept cookies
Crushed in the carousel and explosives
Containing typographical errors

The heroine continually meets and looses
A fire lit in a dance-like atmosphere
Strawberry acres, the brown study, the 24th of June
& marbles rolling around, chains falling on the floor

To select a mirror, convert to the plucker
Thank you for your understanding
No one counts how many you snap
But I like it, wonderful reds

At your door; we offer rests for everyone
That fill the mailing list from day to day
But why does it burn longer?
Roaming memories: Big bang in dark room

Adjusted and checked via time capsule
And to the extent allowed by law
Representing 84 different countries
The quantity of sweet clear you poured

Comfort and quality rooted in tradition
Many modifications of existing lures
The fox is perfect on a tight budget
Stolen camps and festivals, sheets

Nickel plated, nickel silver plateau, .9 bore
With instant "pop," a warm, full bodied
Branch of air blown across the top
Angle, which is a French word, mistranslated

As a solid silver head for superior warmth
(Our mistakes in filling and/or duplicating)
Find a pen-pal or information. The message hobbyist
Has a new bore design that integrates vertical

Tunes, three years after he stepped down
What a mystery! It has a pear-shaped
Infrastructure, providing efficient repainting
Of gold/silver plate closed hole models

Or just a passer-by. Hello, null! Having
A moveable U-shaped slide, bent upon itself twice
Something that made a big impression on you?
Including a new version of the star spangled banner

This is incorrect. Dental implants & their
Significance, pedagogy, & performance
By being struck, shaken, or scraped
From each stop and a running

Stick & a practice pad & a rudiment
Further influenced by the enclosed air cavity
Oil soaked despite a sprawling plot
Or balled-up socks sprinkling some salt


Handmade the luscious strange
Canopies the Martha Stewart Living cleaver

& as vital as it seems salt flows
Instead of blood soaking rather than spilling

With no regard for Roberts Rules
Or other forms of order or etiquette

Mary quite contrary waters the drooping lady slipper
In the absence of oxygen like lemons

Puckering they sink & clove. Over their heads
Sails the wave a mile high and loaded with salt

& other animal life. One last drag &
You're in full of the tiny ones & their tiny maps

Which glasses off they squint to decipher
& as the flags shimmy & smoke puffs sail

All designed to rewrite arctic myths
Birds sail over their heads & split the coalitions

Dragging your residue along with
& sucking what's left of blue