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Three Poems

Clayton Couch

Doubled Over

There's the pollution, in front.
Collision. He guards against verb,
upset before breaking out batteries.

Fellow feather jumps up, since
the music won't let us corroborate
or crop Western mythologies in style.

Please remove electrical reanimations
from the cockpit. Remember we’re
friends forever, financed upside down.

It's a lemon, no? News of Presidential
debates tells me that you ate oysters
for breakfast and slapped pavement.

Mudflaps, to protect the indigent
from growing feelers, are all the rage.
Can't stop here. There are too many.

Usurped, she was a rolled-up sanctuary
for aristocratic comebacks. One-liners
laughed a couple two drinks over edge.

The story goes. It's the night before,
or once taken, never bestowed upon
what’s there. Be what wasn't played:

blues of another life that opens.
Loss. Your controller directs hands
down runway’s predicated jetplanes.

Must we? Enough. The tougher
they fall, the sadder they roll.
Explanation cajoled. Form folk

music, strangled and capitulated
sideways. Excuses, stealthy killjoys
or blemished tastes, enter the ears.

Lights turn out conversation on deck.
Can you hear the Americans waking
uneducated into daylight savings?

Oblivious autumn night. No geese
flying V's. After afternoon brunch
smelled like a sociable house party.

Collect interest on an unstable read,
jacked up tomfoolery in the den.
Surplus sight and sound it out red.

Paranoid Couplets

tattle tape lifespan
surprise obelisk violence

undressed limitation stretch
cooling morning throat

read freedom arteries
mole collapse concrete

flutter is exhilaration
morbid just roadside

what's going off
brackish frontier sign

grilled autumn night
contents mouth false

trumpet barks hemisphere
hear whose wings

label ocean access
chemical news advertise

genetic critic killed
bombed psychology heralds

ingenuity crafts fallout
video pressures notes

putting together apart
bad feelings about

emptier the better
soon crowds move

smart pills fail
computers talk back

phone your elder
can't make out

garbled dollar transfers
next another chemical

introduces the audience
to playground poverty

no one's starving
checking out adventures

where it hurts
sickness or health

hopeful unending thought
raps surface rhythm

bodied or maimed
combat depleted uranium

dust to dust
shooting your mouth

over property rights
and stated administration


soft cellular the cat licks lucent black
eyes a forgetful moment oh phone ring
dream of coherence or mistrust onset
of telescope view of the blanket drift
towards a bare lit coffee cup maelstrom

beginning absorb a nonesuch or femur
flamingo cushion that's an order soldier
old nest hugged the prick pelted smoke
off topic roads hedge bets plus perform
dry edges or deceive an old bet bluster

passion leased a couple poofed dis-
abled lacked multitudes tether simian
forehead nadir comic book cartoon
of devil's sardonic smut if ignorance
shelters head's moving organisms sum

policeman my fired aquarium toughed
our ankles broke ruin downtown can't
pull a direct link from one magnetism
what's tough and understand a pierce
a toll astronaut the collected volcano

stopped shroud of declaring civil war
altitude settled a defense or illness
has to mean that line moves onward
or up against it fucked wit that's show
business like no business but smells