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 5     SUBMIT

New Translations from After

Joel Chace

Bellatures do; harm only—rg—

we see it in   rg rg rg their


                 Fool roggen.  Fool roggen

bunshapp, often, sharp.  Know longer,

they will, tried to the straight smake

of now     2222222   our are.

Rumbiled goosts pleg themselves, offlings

222      medd day’s fine medd.


and ring, suff and ting:  remembelled

across razzle’s edge.  Though those…lorn

enter may, lose might, a oneful

night abaits them, row.  After row.

Tombrells pulled along the narrow path

of gileless, giltless time.  Assef;

we  - - - - - - -   , llll we

, ‘ve   - - -    we   lll   gilled or

gulled:  them.  Our kack hands


               And hate hingitt to.


sittings filed, down   - - - -   ‘ve

antal’ve tall miss, hotts can.

Unmind, every one, in won

donjam. Lit by the such clean clench

of cazzle, basselment. Fluud senging

whole wetters, filling held holes.

Single eye.

                      bbbbbbb       lead into

a see.  Wash to firm:  ht   kann

out   ht   ht   caf.   After lettisfee,

enalled back.  Feth, we let them grib

onder   bbbb   elly, the light does;

does.  Full.  Their of course is on

----------------------------   ht   ht   ht

Trencheon and its shads all stoppt.  Profit

heelt, then sent to face our blas.

Easier to crawl through ayes, through.

In a line.

                   Dozen stretched till krak

of dumm -----------------------------------