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Two Poems

Marie Buck

Normally For Miss Barbara and Miss Carol

The Miss America family and girl, purposefully
put together, is beginning to fray at the edges.

The tinning hero tying ring ton--worn at the edges.

Hermetic heroes and tykes tying--the age iced,
cheerier to mesh, threescore mist heroes--tykes tying.

Don’t miss one sparkling hit.
Tying his own flies, the little tyke’s easel.

Sheetlike, let eyeteeth tilt. A steel ties elk let thy.
She is the dream of half the boys in America,

a teacher at Miss Martin’s school for girls in
Regency, England. Tinge--dreg--icy--nerd--

1 whippier 1 tinge 1 thermoform 1 swimmingly
1 stowaway 1 spiralisation 1 ...

1 Fenwick 1 extirpation 1 excursionises
1 evolute's 1 dreg 1 dislocations ...

going to turn into one of the big-hair girls,
where women have the right to flaunt their

big breasts, big hair, big smiles, and big talents,
this starlet comes with Miss Lohan’s trademark

red hair. A big girl with big hair who likes
to dance on Dick Clark’s American. Miss

Clairol gave American women the ability,
for the first time. Spice Girls--they’re dead

and gone in North America, which has a beef
with North Korea, you could say.

In Conlusio, Did You? Did You?

As rain man taxicab cometh
                        I wondered

if the twins knew, I was afraid of dogs once.

                              Grizzly Man always having to,
                              pee or get off the pot,

double your bundle, your dot
in Iron Man factoid,  a defection    happened on

                      the defecation lot        a freer bier                grandmother burnt

and fortune 500 comes out of me     what came from inside me,

the blue bonnet, the racetrack, the cat fancy.                         I knew I loved you, and

                      the blackberry opened to reveal a keyboard,
                      we called you on it, ‘out came a light socket’               retro nitrogen

and                 fun fact. Feed me in the computer, give me life, a brain,

                               and the thong of the flocking birds.