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from Sable Smoke

Gilbert Adair

reef, marsh stamping with
balsa fish: i couldn’t
five your fives. old wagons
sending out your
gin mirrors, twigs in
their teeth, hoover
hard rice. ripple is a
of rigid gimme oxtail,
king of twice &
piano majorities. kurtz’s
OU course in north
woolwich. “nothing” they
say again & (“exit”?)
chin’d with tar pores
& hair starts once only
in the cutting-room the
argument founders: silken service
for cattle quantities. a
smould’ring ornate-letter’d
wharfless cynicism. & now
they’re sending in
psychopaths. by a man who
can only wed lights, his
withholdings, crack’d lips,
asymptotic cheer
cuts any mouth, feels
like hill-hair. we’re leaving:
this is no good. the bullocks
have trodden all over,
crack’d the slate &
brandy’d the river.
& again even
when he sends it
won’t make a
la less likely lap.