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ISSUE #4, 2008

Edited by Tim Peterson


Language Poetry and the Body:
Maria Damon, Steve Benson, Leslie Scalapino, Bruce Andrews
Moderated by Erica Kaufman and Tim Peterson


by Charles Alexander

Off the Top of My Radiohead
by Stephen Paul Miller

The Poetics of Non-Experience: Repetition, Simulation, and Anxiety in Leslie Scalapino's Trilogy
by Tenney Nathanson

from Inbetweenness
by Angela Veronica Wong


No More
for jazz ensemble
by Jeff Kimmel and Ruth Lepson


Szymaszek’s Homo Sailor King in Emptied of All Ships—do you Speak Greek?
by Julian Brolaski

Elemental Song by Roberto Harrison
Review by Alan Davies

Slowly But Dearly by Norman Fischer
Review by Alan Davies

Lydia Davis' Proust
Review by Michael Gottlieb

Jack Kimball can dance…is a seasoned barb
by Christina Strong


Gilbert Adair

Hugh Behm-Steinberg

Cara Benson

Charles Borkhuis

Allen Bramhall

Laynie Brown

Marie Buck

Laura Carter

Christopher Casamassima

Joel Chace

James Cook

Lisa Cooper

Clayton Couch

Bruce Covey

Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle

Jonathan Doherty

Thom Donovan

Jim Dunn

kari edwards and Chris Martin

Thomas Fink

Skip Fox

Joanna Fuhrman

Rebecca Gopoian

Andy Gricevich


Arielle Guy

Barbara Henning

Mitch Highfill

Dan Hoy

Thomas Hummel

Paolo Javier

Paul Foster Johnson

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

Lin Kelsey

Brandon Kreitler

Ruth Lepson

Hillary Lyon

Jami Macarty

Nicholas Manning

Sara Marcus

Bonnie Jean Michalski

Joe Moffett

Rich Murphy

Sheila Murphy and Scott Glassman

Chris Murray

Shin Yu Pai

Dawn Pendergast

Patricia Peterson

Simon Pettet


Nick Piombino

Laurie Price

Karen Randall

Robin Reagler

Marthe Reed

Evelyn Reilly

Edwin Rodriguez

Linda Russo

Frank Sherlock

James Sherry

Ron Silliman

Gregory Vincent St Thomasino

Rob Stanton

Jordan Stempleman

Ray Succre

Shelly Taylor

Adam Tobin

Andrew Topel

Rodrigo Toscano

Lynn Xu