Nico Vassilakis

Say festive. The quadrangle is holding this up nearly.
Fledgling arboreal shadow kept from slipping into the yard.
Transmission caught in a flimsy skin.
Five alphabets to spell the motivation required to reach there.
Pretty hesitant about being. Here I go. Pretty.
A backstabbing flounce loses possession. To revisit tendencies.
The discomfort of this chair is gaining on me. Moving toward.
Always five years behind waiting to find it in a used bookstore.
Sounds adhere or better yet sound as surprise. Uncatalogued noise.
Raptor driven heat seeking. An ear-against-the-door conversation.
Control over jagged edges. This drill sergeant plummets sanely in.
I preclude no one radio. Accepting all rogue broadcasts. His magnet.
Desdemona and Esmarelda are wet on top of the blankets.
Creates phoneme gorillas across the playground. Asphalt handed.
Transportation gets you there. As well the five alphabets.
The unfestive rhombus. No one has said that before.
An infested limb has broken through. Its miraculous result.
She said. I need to concoct a zenbrane to repel the negatives.
To release ownership. Untying tethers long held in place.
Which bus should I take tonight. Where will I walk.
In this direction I think.
A wire. Tension wire throughout. To recall the ribbed innards of a museum off the lake. A whistle too is useless in a room of dead people. Corner of the eye propaganda. A case or gross of ribbon packaged in plastic pouches. Contemporaneous time, here, me with you. A painted stick divests its color on the tongue of the giver. Throat minded twang. Reaching to secure the remote – coordination and its patriotic flag. Bumper sticker: I HONE YOU. If one eye discharges, it demurs in public. If both do catastrophe ensues. A medallion. Here is corn. You never tire of adventure, in fact, you need it to continue. Here are American Indians. I will not destroy you when under my awning. An expressionistic pharmaceutical dalliance. The loosest fastener gives way. Did it mention animals are losing habitat. So from my friend, Co-labor: Intensity yes -- but I like it too. And thinking at the margins. The oscillating integrity of goals. As the steady hand gets the wavering Beckett. The tone. (When you hear it). So here's culture clash. And demur continues. As flavor is better with more flavor. Portions articulate. Even ripe is better after it ripens further. People awash in chance. Time fingers open a space in clouds center. How it settles ever settles. However – the last sound -- However – without words. We wonder how the word becomes severed from the idea - what song can do. Air in a tube, the integral part. Tonight an improvisation –vocabularies pulled apart – voice thrown with dice. Hear here or here - However - it falls.
what basement
what funnel
what kerchief
what appeasement
what saturation
what disruption
what atonement
what emblems
what fantastic rafters