The animalgram of the body complicates even murder in this hogan, etcetera. But these brilliant golden curtains lack the radial anagrams found in all the comic book keys (“f-sharp”).

Matt Turner

This simple insurance plan is
seizing the ground and wresting it from the universe.
Cave for projector lights or magic to teach children.
Without a smoke signal, children are climbing the mountain.
Father is dusting the large doors to the vanity;
a storm weathers the plains once again this afternoon no threat.
The pool in a cave gathering chrysanthemums for decoration; gathering chrysanthemums for tea.
A swan calls out in the brackish pond with chrysanthemums.
Blue and white tiles embedded in sand
purple hyacinths and blue mushrooms
high mountains in the fog and the antennae of the highrise clawing at the outer sky like tigers and the butterfly-catchers pretending they were catching them.
only pulses, electrical charge sunspots from the provinces laying hands on all the other children hiding in the forest under the cool water-wheel.
They spat on the ground and they pissed on the ground – on to another concrete patch, or black turf, grown up in the middle it appeared that morning crouching since nightfall.
an officer, that there's no quiet path to the lowcountry.
A sheet of metal in place of it clicking teeth on the farmers.
the security scanner having properly recorded a boy doubling back, a knife, assassin cursing surfeit of self-interest.
To discuss the epoch of the flowers so we can understand the time for happiness.
And just as the petals fall off the spore, into the steaming milk
is misread as marmalade, honey, orange.
vultures appearing in the sky.
The air is hashed with incense, palms shaking, smoke, garments flapping!
drops from the boat into the lagoon; they stand by the boat
They run to the sliding glass door.
the water turns orange.
The ice cube in the cup is dumped into the kitchen sink.
The topmost soil structure burns though the floor.
Cooing in my ear, a caption appears in which I name my pharmaceutical source
the smudged lipstick, mahogany, in the airport parking lot, frisked behind the counter sooo cold: blurred vision double matings theater pink comb reality in a net.
The ornaments are fashioned trunk first
then the tusks complete the notation, having as little without, an elephant without trunk or tusks.
The ladder is against the apothecary in order to access the upper shelves.
Some flower has been painted on the wall of the living room but, camouflaged, this golf course's mysterious layout can only be comprehended with a map.
On the golf course are two calfskin sweaters.
The dentist will see a hill of refuse to be stacked.
The plantains bend so low.