3 from Occasionelles

Elizabeth Treadwell

Sap Green Permanent
an evr widening shore, parnassus--
all the hateful mentions
time carries you
           and then folds you
into itself.
on butterfish island with no remote:
the last days of love
born howly, hell-raising beasts,
& simp'ry:
the unspent tears of the avant-garde
sweet fellow standby. & don't renege
at village ball, horace,
quarry realms of remedy
shoreling heyday script,
the family colors
that is, the cobalt lessons in despair
the bruno of acceptance,
sugaring the polis
in wish-skirts
rabid the wherewithal, ernestine;
I pray you.
on any other journey
my bare eyes and yours
life's little episodes & my
self-obsessed theorems of love
in fluster'd kiosk,
stag'd memoir,
illum'd critique--
in eerie dream--
the goddess noise,
(this radiant pope, for example)
trim your hands with salt
with your
seeking whalesong
a clawfoot worktub
(have no fear)
the beauty patch
the psalms