Christopher Stackhouse

Engine kin, ‘you mean that brown crusty stuff’, meaning paint, told in forming hole…
Miraculous apparition, a bear in a pink bunny suit, man o man, lost in application synonym
Crisp in the venue, this auditorium, where listening happens, it’s the doggerel kitty-cat
A crystal flute, a magnum filled with Krug, ever have it, a firing tank in a field of flowers
Azalea in milk jar, wet pickles, flip-flops, some platonic kiss in hand, by the by, roars
Ordinary, I guess, I miss your penmanship. Recall Caligula, or the softer, Thomas Jefferson
Once in a coon’s age a tower falls where a sage sleeps covered to the neck in rubble, punk
The ‘the’ madame, the article, a type of scarf, perhaps one parasol in a sun of parataxis