Two Poems

Sandra Simonds

First thing that happened was I met OUR JESSIE who had six children and knew the elegant ways of the south. Told her about Nurse and she said she had blossomed into a lovely woman at the age of 15. You will always be welcome in this rich robust city on the edge
of the wilderness OUR JESSIE told me she was protruding wires and watching a dream unfold. My god I miss Nan did not preserve as well as OUR JESSIE. Every age has its own terrible dream: this one was unfolding on the edge of the wilderness outside of St. Louis. It’s
not a hair more than 1845. OUR JESSIE says she feels the inside out of her lungs grown we’re in the covered wagon I said I ran away from Nan and I done change my voice hits two minutes and OUR JESSIE replies you’ve got bloody fingers and she is reading a book on every
bird is a tiny radio. I said now that I’m away from nurse I’m gonna become an explorer with you OUR JESSIE and she says said was saying would say did not say would not say took a saying in the sing song or the sing sing that someone broke you out of your station stiff
is good as America and we all live in a conspiracy of creation myths so me, OUR JESSIE will come travel with you from this rich, robust city into my dark, sassy eyes. I said in 1845 do you know how cold it is in Alaska cause I done doin’ ding dong a going wanna JESSIE there
to make a claim on the Statue of Liberty and OUR JESSIE says with my spunk 1846 your high-society classmates we’ll be nomadic people who love nature. I am 5’9” tall and I am in desperate need of a lifetime of rare devotion. I replied I surely will elope with you OUR
JESSIE so we were agoin agog ago gone down to get married he and the 17-year old guy Washington high society POWER.
So then some time passed as we were journeying and I forgot Nan and Nurse and thought it was time to start a family and get the claim
with OUR JESSIE in Alaska. What with my background in marriage secrets, what would OUR JESSIE have to lose? In the bloom tit girlish beauty she started changing and it made me want to become an apprenticed as a Fry cook to a lawyer. Praise of our domestic plans
spread. Asked to lead expedition Tit but we were soon fighting. The reports of OUR JESSIE are very weak at this point in 1845
she had a bout of pneumonia brought on by intimate weather. I am he. OUR JESSIE did not listen to me say it. She ran away to California and left me with a homemade flap flag. Two months later Mexico declared war. They took the fort andunfurled grizzly FIGs
Oh OUR JESSIE came come coming did come will come is a coming back to unto HAP.
Today Nan wakes up, goes to work and gets fired. Her boss screams at her. You never squirt plant food on the plant leaves like I said so you’re fired. Please don’t fire me. I really need this job. Nan had been working for Dr. Darfork for 44.34 years and it was all over so fast. Dr. Darfork said I’m sorry I’ve made up my mind to let you go. I cannot have such an incompetent fool working as my file clerk. As a Dermatologist of the highest caliber, as a preeminent member of society, as a lecturer at such and such medical college, as the highest most true blue, as the most effervescent—you’re fired Nan. Nan, having recently lost interest in Nan, wasn’t too surprised by the news so she walks out of Dr. Darfork’s office and onto the street.
Nan waits for the bus. Nan gets into her car. Nan walks into a shop. Hello Nan my girl. I am giving you my shop here are the keys. Nan takes over the clothing store and brings in costumers from far and near. It’s a pet store. Nan has always been a good costumer buying at least one dog, one bird, two ferrets and three cats per day, but what luck to have been fired by Dr. Darfork precisely at the moment when Jenny P was giving away her shop. For the next 10 years Nan begins to have more faith in Nan. Then Nan walks in and says I was fired from my job today as a file clerk for Dr. Darfork. Nan realizes her fate and gives Nan the keys to the shop. Nan quickly leaves and wonders what she will do with the rest of her life.
Nan gets on the bus but not before she is hit by a car and so the bus takes her to the emergency room. All of the passengers are annoyed at this detour but who would blame the bus driver for doing the right thing? At the Emergency Room she is treated by no other than Dr. Danfork. Dr. Danfork says it’s a pleasure meeting you and I shall attend to you in any way possible. Nan says she would like a skin graft as soon as possible due to the burns on her breast, ankles and the fleshy parts of her arms. Anything you say Dr. Danfork responds and performs a 2345 miracle surgery whereby they affix a tail onto Nan as well as the skin grafts.
At the Emergency Room Dr Danfork offers Nan an aperitif and then a job as a file clerk in his office. She readily agrees internally computing the outrageous cost of her multiple skin grafts and tail. Nan works for Dr. Danfork for more than four decades and memorizes the intimate details of all his patients. Nothing could be more luscious than this. Height and weight. Mole on the upper left quadrant of pelvis. Single. 5’ 2.”