James Sanders

lets get some ultrafoliate chicken wings and vocabulary.
Will who the telemarketer
I weigh
occluding without to furnish
our sonics for a souvenir our socks rust in the mirror
personality pumps, is with
to close him? Chewbacca’s menthol glass slipper clucks
speaking sneaks out on a hairy gong
is jewelry snow, it was never homeless, actually a coastal room for someone who was never not home
which want to swallow some and could be hurried when--
sure new and more future chance
2 lines down
is not words in showers not draft to any air
to left let was—I can’t remember what the last line was
as well as silent. This line is silent.
This line and the next line should read it at the same time.
For the water half sitting half floating the decorous
admissions taper off
a few cerebral fingers on the fat farm
a honeymoon with Grover.
Fondly, James.
just laid as if a phantom limb displayed and over for me share a similar sure lagoon
chance allowed cancelled out by the next line.
Yet, we listen on and that
invisible slices in which description dominates
going them to have a heart shaved
thus always to receivers.
This hotel room smells like Marty Robbins
and they combed the backdrop in parallel