Three Poems

Jessy Randall & Daniel M. Shapiro

Ruining Your Life

Concentric circles hypnotized the girls
he'd lost in some secret way. A salvaged chord
let your wonder burn. Something more
than plain curiosity seemed daring then.

We admired the emotions: you’re hot.
It was easy. How will it end? I can't
go any further.

He will wait for me like that for years.
Smears of fog and permanent devilish smile,
intoxication in the circle of me.

In Unrelated Non-News

I didn’t get your email,

and no, I didn’t

with your girlfriend,

my ketchup’s not fancy,

I haven’t been to the hospital,

I don’t think my project is finished,

I haven’t lost my keys,

and yes, too much garlic.


Against math, the jaws clamp up.

We’re supposed to look for the best answer

because there might not be a right one.

To make an educated guess,

we must cut our choices in half.

Wasn’t that how I found you?

We practice and practice.

You’re my mnemonic.