from Contradicta

Nick Piombino

I is another who knew what you were thinking about before you said it.

I ran towards that light at the end of the tunnel until I realized it was her flashlight shining into the corners of my soul. Then I walked.

Beauty goes from what you are to who you are or it just fades away.

Happiness is not the lack of sadness; it is what sadness learns to wear in order to shine.

No more importance, only caring and contentment, each among a billion snowflakes falling slowly to the ground.

For every voice found, one listener lost.

Where plan, point and purpose end, melody begins.

I am the instrument, you are the song.

When things get too complicated the starting point disappears into the tangled pile leaving me in confusion with glum stares.

Count one friend for every time you admitted you were wrong.

The successful marvel at what they know and what they've done. The wise are inspired by what they don't know and haven't done.

Monsters detract from our willingness to find something to like in everyone. Maybe we shouldn't let them do that.

When there is little crisis fear is a problem; when there is nothing but crisis fear is a beacon.

What can easily be said puts people at ease but is rarely believable.

Those long accustomed to unqualified success—or to unquestionable failure—tend to share one quality in common: an air of indifference.

We are nothing more or less than the sum of our enthusiasms.

I've never yet read a book or a poem or seen a film or a play that truly captured what it feels like to live. If one of them did, few would read it or go. it would veer too often and too rapidly from being profound one moment and idiotic the next, mesmerizing one moment and anticlimactic the next, exhausting one moment and energizing the next, inspiring one moment and horrifying the next, etc.

Not everyone likes writers or artists who try to be different, but many do. It's the ones that succeed at it that nobody likes.

The more someone makes us laugh, the more we think their jokes are funny. So it is not the jokes we find funny, it is the person.

Unless someone can make us laugh, they will never be taken seriously.

Do not go gently into that good night. Stay home and call for takeout.

The most awful argument can be ended by the most awful joke.

Insight is the hardest thing to find, the hardest thing to keep, one of the few things that last, and the only thing that makes things last.

Thoughts are whispers, voices, footsteps, echoes overheard in a darkened room.

The secret of art is in knowing how, at the right moment, to seize what is important in what seemed unimportant and to reduce to its essential unimportance what was apparently so damned important before. It's the secret of happiness also, by the way.

I thought I was becoming less confused until I noticed those who are not confused and then I became even more confused.